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  • Welcome to Greenville Consolidated School
The rural Maine towns of Greenville, Shirley, Beaver Cove, Willimantic and Kingsbury Plantation make up the student body of the Greenville Schools. Our schools are recognized for first class academic programs, including AP offerings and a wide variety of high school courses. Challenging music, art and athletic programs are open for all of our students. Our schools take pride in our wonderful students, exceptional teachers and supportive community. Come and visit a community focused on old time values...and stay awhile!
Greenville Consolidated School
130 Pritham Ave
Greenville, ME 04441
School: 207.695.2666
School Fax: 207.695.4614
Superintendent: 207.695.3708
Superintendent Fax: 207.695.3709
E-Mail: Kathy.Bishop@ghslakers.org