3rd Grade

Mrs. Benway

Keyboarding sites

     Third Grade Curriculum Below


    Everyday Mathematics Units 1-12 (some units covered in more detail than others based on CCSS alignment)
    Unit 1 routines, review, and assessment
    Unit 2 Adding and subtracting whole numbers
    Unit 3 Linear Measures and Area 
    Unit 4, Unit 7, Unit 9 Multiplication and division
    Unit 5 Place value in whole numbers and decimals
    Unit 6 Geometry
    Unit 8 fractions
    Unit 10 Measurement and Data
    Unit 11 Probability
    ADD3- problem solving program
    IXL- electronic math review   http://www.ixl.com/math/


    Complete Spelling List

    Spelling: Dorn spelling patters lists
    List 1: short vowels
    List 2: short vowels
    List 3: vowel-consonant-e 
    List 4: long vowels
    List 5: long o
    List 6: three letter clusters
    List 7: long I sound
    List 8: vowel sound in clown (“ow” sound)
    List 9: vowel sound in lawn
    List 10: unexpected consonant patterns
    List 11& 12: vowel+ r sound
    List 13: vowel sound in coin
    List 14: spelling the j sound
    List 15: k and kw sounds
    List 16: vowel + r sounds in hair
    List 17: homophones
    List 18: compound words
    List 19: words that end with ed or ing
    List 20: changing final y to i
    List 21: prefixes re and un
    List 22: suffixes ful, ly, and er
    List 23: vccv pattern
    List 24: Double consonants
    List 25: s sound in city
    List 26: vowel sound in tooth and cook
    List 27: vowel sound in bought
    List 28: words that end with er or le
    List 29: words that begin with a or be
    List 30: contractions

    Vocabulary: Fountas and Pinnell word study series
    Phonics: Fountas and Pinnell word study series