Superintendent of School: Jim Chasse --

Principal of School: Bruce

Guidance Director: Cassandra


The Greenville Consolidated School aspires to provide students with the opportunity to reach their potential through challenging and rigorous, learner centered educational experiences that inspire students to become responsible, self-directed and productive citizens for the 21st century global society.


Together we, Greenville Consolidated School, provide a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment in which:

  • Student opinions and ideas are sought and respected and their differences and unique abilities are nurtured.

  • Each individual is encouraged to be well rounded, striving to achieve academic, athletic, and artistic excellence, as well as, developing social conscience.

  • Students are encouraged to be life-long, self-motivated learners inside and outside of the classroom. They are able to work independently and cooperatively.

  • Each individual makes responsible decisions and takes responsibility for their actions

  • Parents and the community are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the school’s activities and programs.

  • There is mutual respect and open communication among parents, teachers, students, and community members.

  • Teachers hold high expectations for students and implement a wide variety of instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of students.