The Greenville School Committee, the Union 60 school committee, and the Beaver Cove school committee are all actively involved in our small school.  The central office also recently offered assistance the town of Willimantic.

The committees are comprised of dedicated individuals who offer many hours to help our students, staff, and school continue to develop and grow in our ever changing and challenging world.

We are lucky to have such caring people! We do appreciate them and all of their hard work in the challenges that they encounter in maintaining a school system.

Community Core Values

We show RESPECT when

  • We celebrate individuality
  • We value and appreciate diversity.
  • We show others that we care.
  • We use manners.
  • We treat others, their property, ourselves, and our school with respect.


  • We take ownership of our behavior as individuals.
  • We have the courage to think and act independently.
  • We demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • We are reliable and trustworthy.
  • We own our choices and their consequences.
  • We are mindful of others needs and the benefits of compromise.

We have INTEGRITY when

  • We are honest about our own strengths and weaknesses.
  • We practice honesty and academic integrity in all our work.
  • We demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions.
  • We fulfill commitments and promises.
  • We stand up for what we believe.

We show COMPASSION when

  • We understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others.
  • We develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves.
  • We celebrate the contributions of others.
  • We promote a peaceful, caring and safe community.

We are ENGAGED when

· We learn new skills and challenge ourselves.

· We make meaningful connections with others and balance common goals and individual gain.

· We think creatively and critically.

· We are curious.

· We are open to the opinions and advice of others.

· We communicate effectively.

· We include parents and community members as partners.

We display SERVICE when

  • We share time and talents with others.
  • We take an active role in and celebrate service opportunities in our school and community.
  • We contribute more than we receive.
  • We consider the impact of our actions on our community, our country, other nations, and our planet.