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Sports Physical Letter

** High School winter sports banquet will be tonight Thursday March 5. Start a 6pm in the cafeteria, and will be pot luck.
** Sign up sheets for MS/HS Baseball/Softball and Track are outside the office.

Open Gym
For the Week of March 2nd-6th
Monday,Wednesday Friday open weight room ONLY
Tuesday, Thursday Open Gym/weight room Baseball/Softball throwing (NO BASKETBALL).
Open to all high school students and 8th graders.

Musical Rehearsal
Rehearsal for 3/2-3/6 (Wow it feels good to be writing March!)
Monday: All Call-
Mrs Fournier will work with 3 pigs on all their musical stuff
Tuesday: All Call-
Mrs. Fournier will work with Shrek
Wed: All Call-
Mrs. Fournier will work on Final Song in the music room
Thursday: All Call
Mrs. Fournier will work with Farquaad and Knights/guards and possibly Dragon
Friday: All Call
Mrs. Fournier will work with Donkey/Shrek